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Range Rules – Waterloo Rod & Gun Club

Waterloo Rod & Gun Club

Zero Tolerance Policy for Infractions – Safety First

CARDINAL RULES – You are responsible for every shot fired.

  1. Control the direction of the muzzle at all times. Shooters must keep the muzzle of the barrel pointed down range and below the skyline at all times (Never pointed at another person).
  2. No prohibited or restricted firearms or handguns are permitted on the range.
  3. Actions must be left open when not in use. Never leave an unattended gun loaded.
  4. No steel core or tracer ammunition (Surplus) permitted. Determined if a magnet sticks.
  5. Firearms may not be loaded with more than 5 rounds at all times.
  6. Non-aimed rapid fire is not permitted, aimed shots only.
  7. You must use regular paper targets only on the range. No targets that represent human beings.
  8. Attach paper targets to cardboard inserts only, not to the framework.
  9. No targets are to be placed on the top of the framework, or any such material that may cause injury or ricochets. Club provided steel targets can be used in the gong pit.
  10. No targets of any kind to be placed on the ground to shoot at.
  11. No exploding targets allowed on the range.
  12. No alcohol, illegal or legal drugs are permitted. No person under the influence shall be permitted to enter the range.

If you do not obey these rules that have been set up by the range officers and the Waterloo Rod and Gun Club you will be terminated as a member of the club.

Range Rules

  1. All range users are required to have a Possession and Acquisition License and must be a member of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters for insurance purposes.
  2. The sign at the top of the driveway must be lowered to let people know that the range is in use. Put it down when finished.
  3. Everyone must swipe their cards and sign in before using the range – just your first name and assigned number – no last name.
  4. Raise the red flag inside the compound, indicates the range is in use. Take it down when you are finished.
  5. The gate into the range must be locked at all times while shooting.
  6. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times.
  7. If setting up a rifle – start at 25 yards and work your way back to 100 yards. When out of the shed the modified cart with the horizontal frames must be used to prevent firearms pointing towards skyline.
  8. Report any damage and unsafe conduct to the Directors on the board immediately.
  9. If you see someone doing anything on the range that is not appropriate, talk to the person and let them know there is proper procedures. If they continue to be inappropriate, take their name and report incident to the range office or Board of Directors.
  10. When finished shooting remove and dispose targets and sweep up & pick up spent rounds and put in garbage in the shooting shack.
  11. Take defective ammunition home, it is not the clubs responsibility to dispose of it.
  12. When one or more shooters are on the range (Outside of the Shed) no more than one person may be shooting at a time using the cart provided.
  13. No more than 4 people in the shooting shed at once. No more than 2 people shooting at one time.
  14. Any firearm that requires maintenance must be removed from the range.
  15. Assume every firearm is loaded until you prove it safe.
  16. Do not distract shooters in any way when they are preparing to shoot.
  17. Person not shooting must be behind the Red Line.
  18. First come first serve when using the range, but be courteous to others waiting. (One hour use limit)
  19. Wind indicators are allowed on the range but only on the side attached above the fence.
  20. Shotguns will be used only on the provided and marked shotgun stand framework (Left side).
  21. No shotguns are to be used on the rifle side of the target framework (Right side).
  22. Shooting is permitted from 9:00 a.m. until ½ hour after sunset.
  23. Sunday shooting is 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Rimfire Only.
  24. There will be no firearm shooting on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Kids fishing Derby Day or during special event days as determined by the Club and posted on the Club calendar on the website.
  25. There will be no shooting on the range when there is a picnic and/or the Clemmer building is being used. Please check our club calendar on the website.
  26. Maximum 50 Caliber to be used – 50 caliber muzzleloader.
  27. Guests of members are welcome to use the range, but they must be accompanied by the member at all times. Guest fees apply ($10.00 per guest) and must be deposited in the lock box. There is a limit of two guests per member. Before using the range with guests, club member must complete and sign a non-members release of liability form and deposit in the lock box. Remember quests are your responsibility and should the rules not be followed you will be responsible for the consequences.

Emergency Assistance
Call 911
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Fire:            519-664-2887
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